Since his return to gay porn last year, Vadim Black is seldom the bottom, much more than a bottom to 2 guys, like in his latest threesome at Men where he was barebacked by Jack Hunter & Steven Lee.

2 gay 4 pays in a scene from MenVadim gets stopped for speeding while on a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the tickets or time. Ashton, the cop, is corrupt enough to take in some ass in exchange for a pass go.

From MenVadim Black is practicing his magic tricks for a show when his roommate Derek Bolt interrupts. Vadim asks him to be his test audience and Derek gets just what he wished for in the grand finale.

Vadim Black was not around when his boyfriend, Max Wilde, arrived at his place. So, Vadim’s roommate, Tobias, and Max played.

The two almost got caught.

Max went out. Knocked on the door and Vadim & Max played.

Tobias pretended that something was wrong with the television. Max went out to fix it and the 2 played.

They were caught by Vadim. Vadim joined in since it was his fantasy.

From MenVadim and Tobias have no problem sharing Max’s willing hole to a triple cum bursting conclusion.

At Men, Vadim Black’s profile mentioned he was versatile. But, this year, the 5’7″ Vadim has had more scenes as a top than as a bottom. His latest had him fuck the 5’10” Teo Carter.

From MenBrandon Evans is having difficulty getting Vadim Black to fuck him—so he takes matters into his own hands. In the end, his fantasy becomes reality, and that dildo up his ass is replaced with Vadim’s throbbing cock.

Vadim Black fucked Griffin Barrows for Men where a woman (played Vadim’s girlfriend) pretended not to notice them have sex.