For the 13th scenes under Dudes in Public from Reality Dudes had Cliff Jensen jacking off while the woman was unaware of what was happening.

From Reality DudesThere’s nothing quite like mixing business and pleasure and Cliff Jensen is the master of doing just that. Watch him stroke & drive like a pro while his passenger is none the wiser. How long will he get away with being such a dirty driver? He’s gonna stretch this public wank out as long as possible.

Too much?

The GAY & STR8 side of Colt

Colt was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2014. He left the studio in 2015. If I am not mistaken, his scenes released from 2015 & 2016 were old CF Select scenes re-released on the CF main site.

Colt is back this with a new tattoo on his right arm. His comeback scene was with Baker where Baker fed himself with his own & Colt’s cum.

Colt’s str8 scene is the latest update on the site.