Robert of Sean Cody = Robert Craig of Randy Blue

Robert, who worked for Sean Cody between May to August 2011, had 5 action scenes released. He bottomed in all 5 but he did have a flip/fuck scene.

He is now known as Robert Craig at Randy Blue.

@ Sean Cody COMPARED WITH @ Randy Blue

He was one of the underwear models of Tudor.

[Thanks Terry]

Daryl of Sean Cody = Ross of Chaos Men

Unfortunately at Sean Cody, he only had a solo released last Oct. 2010.

He is now known as Ross at Chaos Men this month of July 2012. It will not only be a solo. He will soon have a serviced video released.

FYI He has a model portfolio and even included a naked photo of himself.

[Thanks von Schlomo]

First Audtions is now The Casting Room while Straight Hell is now Breeder Fuckers

First Auditions and Straight Hell were renamed to due to the content polices of the credit card companies. It was the only recourse if they wanted to accept new members.

First Auditions is now known as The Casting Room.

Straight Hell is now known as Breeder Fuckers.

FYI The old sites will be updated up to the last member whose membership has expired. He or she has to rejoin to the new porn site.