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FRESH MEAT: Pierre Cezanne

Pierre Cezanne is not your typical (twink & hairless) Belami Online model.

TWINK: Michael Seberg

Michael Seberg is one of the new guys this year at Belami Online.

6 man ORGY with Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco Alfieri, Yuri Alpatow & Scott Reeves

This is a two part scene from Belami Online. The first part is an oral scene & the second part is the fucking scene. Both scenes had the guys cum.

BIG DICK of Bastian Dufy

According to Belami Online, the uncut Bastian Dufy Jr is a thick 20 cm (around 8 inches) long.


This scene is the finale of the Christian Lundgren series at Belami Online titled “Christian’s Accidental Lovers”. It’s a flip fuck in two parts. The first part had Christian bottom for Jon Kael.

TWINK: Antony Lorca

Belami Online has released Antony Lorca’s scenes not in sequence. His scene with Brian Jovovich (below) should have been released first than his orgy scene since this was the first time he was fucked.

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Andrei Karenin & Christian Lundgren

via Belami Online