According to Belami Online, American based porn stars were required to use condoms with their guys like in the latest scene of Christian Lundgren with Ryan Rose.

According to Belami Online, Kris Evans has worked for them for 10 years. He has retired from gay porn to pursue a career as a model/bodybuilder. But, Belami Online still has un-released scenes of him after almost 2 years since he left the studio.

Christian Lundgren got a blow job from Helmut Huxley but it was Helmut’s cousin, Keiran Benning, who barebacked Christian at Belami Online.

Why this happened? This was the scenario for the scene “Helmut tried his hardest to get a mouthful of cum from Christian, but Christian is adamant if he doesn’t get fucked, he’s not giving Helmut a drop of his cum. Luckily for us, Kieran is there to finish the job the Helmut couldn’t!

FEET of Kieran Benning


In the latest backstage video released by Belami Online, it had Keiran Benning’s foot tasted by Christian Lundgren.

It’s not often that feet gets attention in a Belami Online scene.

Belami Online released the solo shoot of Christian Lundgren for their series filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Christian Lundgren was in a threesome with Joel Birkin & Rhys Jagger at Belami Online where his hole & face were loaded with cum.