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Ricky Larkin in a FLIP FUCK with his BODYGUARD boyfriend

Ricky Larkin has been in and out of gay porn since he started 11 years ago. He now bottoms more in his 3rd (?) comeback.

Ricky as the lover of Dillon Diaz, who played as the exhausted bodyguard at Noir MaleHard-working bodyguard Dillon Diaz comes home from a long day of protecting his rich client. Exhausted, he gets shoulder rubs from his very affectionate man Ricky Larkin.

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Hairy Men LOVES to TOP Muscles

The 6th time Ricky Larkin was the BOTTOM

From Dylan Roberts to Diego Sans, Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Domino Presley and now Dante Colle in a flip fuck at Raging Stallion.

Beef From top to bottom Hairy Men Transsexuals With and without condoms

The 4th top of Ricky Larkin in his 10th year in gay porn

With over 100 scenes released since 2009, Ricky Larkin was only fucked 4 times.

The first one was Dylan Roberts in 2014.

It was followed in 2016 with Diego Sans & Johnny Rapid at Men.

And, he did it again twice this year with Colby Jansen [gallery] at Raging Stallion as his first top without the use of a condom.

Then, Domino Presley at Trans Angels.

Breeding Creampies Cum Eating

Ricky Larkin LICKED his OWN CUM and SPITTED it on Dakota Payne’s mouth

Ricky Larkin as the top to Dakota Payne where Dakota asked Ricky to lick his cum and feed it to him via Naked Sword [gallery].

Bareback Beef Facial and Body Hair Feet Hairy Men

Ricky Larkin as the HAIRY Sheriff

The bearded Ricky Larkin in uniform as the top to the bearded Adam Ramzi at Raging Stallion [gallery].

It’s not a Ricky scene without showing us his love for feet.

Hairy Men Rimming


The oral scene [gallery] of Ricky Larkin for Mascent of Raging Stallion had him masturbate while he was rimmed by Mason Lear.

Feet Hairy Men Porn Acrobatics

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Ricky Larkin & Lucas Leon

Ricky Larkin as the top to Lucas Leon at Raging Stallion [gallery].

As always, it included Ricky’s love for feet.