Last January, Zion Nicholas [gallery] was the new recruit at Active Duty. His first gay scene was released today where he had him top Spencer Laval [gallery].

Zion filmed last week for Next Door Studios.

If I am not mistaken, this is Spencer Laval’s 3rd [1st & 2nd] flip fuck scene at Next Door Studios where his scene partner was Laith Inkley.

This is the 5th scene in a row that Roman Eros was the bottom where his latest top was Spencer Laval at Next Door Studios [gallery].

Two scenes for the pair-up of Spencer Laval and Johnny B this week.

The first one will be released today by Next Door Studios where Johnny B, with his porn mustache, as the bottom.

It will be followed by a threesome at Active Duty this Sunday where the two will be joined by Marc Montana.

Spencer Laval ended 2018 with 4 consecutive scenes [gallery 01, gallery 02, gallery 03 & gallery 04] where he was barebacked at Next Door Studios. He starts this year as the top to Marcus Tresor [gallery].