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FIRST TIME: Ridder Rivera

Ridder Rivera is the newest exclusive of Tim Tales. For his first scene, he barebacked Dano Guerre with his 8 inch uncut cock.

BIG DICK: Koldo Goran

The latest scene on the 9 inch cock of Koldo Goran is his scene with Caled Daniels at Tim Tales.

BIG DICK inside Ken Summers

The 2nd big dick inside Ken Summers at Tim Tales was with Vadim Romanov.

Is Eduardo Picasso TOO THIN for gay porn?

Eduardo Picasso’s cock is indeed too long (measured by Tim Tales at 12 inches) & too thick. But, is he too thin for gay porn?

8 inch uncut cock inside Ken Summers

For Ken Summers first scene with Tim Tales, he was barebacked by the 8 inch cock of Rodolfo.

The BOTTOM in Carlo Fiero

Carlo Fiero is a new guy in gay porn. So far, he had three scenes released as a bottom. The first one to release a scene of him was Fucker Mate, where he was fucked by Dalton Sirius. The second one was with the owner of Tim Tales, Tim Kruger. He is now their exclusive

BIG DICK of Caio Veyron inside Antonio Miracle

The uncut cock of Caio Veyron is measured at 11 inches by Tim Tales, where is he is an exclusive model.