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Two 9″ uncut cock inside Ian Torres

Tim Tales measured the uncut cocks of Koldo Goran and Fostter Riviera as being 9″ long. These 2 9″ cocks got inside the hole of Ian Torres at the same time.

GLASSES ON for Henrik Sommer

The next guy to experience the 10 inch cock of the owner of Tim Tales is Henrik Sommer.

BIG DICKS inside Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse’s threesome at Tim Tales had him bottom for the 10 inch cock of Devon Lebron & the 9 inch cock of Koldo Goran.

BIG DICK inside Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox is an up & coming power bottom in gay porn. His hole was able to handle the big cock of Tim Kruger over at Tim Tales.

FIRST TIME: Ridder Rivera

Ridder Rivera is the newest exclusive of Tim Tales. For his first scene, he barebacked Dano Guerre with his 8 inch uncut cock.

BIG DICK: Koldo Goran

The latest scene on the 9 inch cock of Koldo Goran is his scene with Caled Daniels at Tim Tales.

BIG DICK inside Ken Summers

The 2nd big dick inside Ken Summers at Tim Tales was with Vadim Romanov.