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Max is the new guy this week at Corbin Fisher “It’s hard to know where to start with Max – and I’m not just talking about his toned body, big cock, and cute face. A California surfer dude, Max loves spending time in the sun, hanging out with his friends, and… neuroscience? That’s right –


Ellis now knows the taste of Beau’s cum [via Corbin Fisher]. Yummilicious!


Corbin Fisher measured the cock of Jonah as 8.5 inches.

Rocky as a BOTTOM in a BI 3SOME

For Rocky’s 3rd time as a bottom, Corbin Fisher had him in a bisexual threesome that included Galen.

FEET of Kyler

The 5’10” Kyler, with an 11 shoe size, is the new guy at Corbin Fisher.

Warren in a BISEXUAL 3SOME

Warren, the new guy at Corbin Fisher, already did a str8 scene. It is usually followed by their bisexual scene. The bisexual scene at Corbin Fisher is geared towards the gay audience since the woman sometimes does not participate and only watches the 2 guys in action.

2nd time as a BOTTOM for Beau

On his Flirt 4 Free cam shows, Beau does love to play with his hole. But, he has done more scenes as a top at Corbin Fisher. I guess Corbin Fisher just want his fans to crave for more of him as a bottom. For his second top at Corbin Fisher, it was with Zachary.