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FEET of Hugh tasted by Dane

This is one of the few scenes of Hugh at Corbin Fisher where he was the top. This is their 2nd pair up. In their 1st pair-up, Hugh was the bottom.

Baker’s FEET used to make a sandwich 😀

Thomas had his cock wrap around Baker’s feet [via Corbin Fisher]. It also had Thomas feed Baker with vitamins 😋.

The bi, str8 & gay side of Beau

Beau was introduced by Corbin Fisher last March. His first hardcore scene had him in a bisexual threesome with Dane & Jamie. After that, he had a str8 scene with Jamie. Then, 2 gay scenes were released. His latest is another str8 scene. This time with Tiffany.


Barron has done 1 str8, 1 bisexual & 3 gay scenes as a top. For his 7th scene at Corbin Fisher, he was barebacked by Jacob, who hasn’t had a scene for a year now.

BI TRAIN FUCK with Evan & Barron

This is the first time for Evan to bottom at Corbin Fisher. It had Barron fuck Evan while Evan fucked Bailey.

Aaron and his MUSCLES

Aaron is the new guy this week at Corbin Fisher.


Dave aka Elye Black was fucked by Beau over at Corbin Fisher. Next week, his threesome scene, as the bottom, will be released by Reality Dudes.