The first time of Bruce Querelle had him top Ariel Vanean at Belami Online. It was followed at Fresh Men with Jon Kael.

This week at Belami Online, his 3rd bottom was Bob Marghiela.

*** Bruce did a live cam show last January.

The first scene of Derek Caravaggio in gay porn was released last year by Belami Online where he was the bottom to Serge Cavalli.

It was followed this year at Fresh Men where he showed again his bottoming skills.

Speaking of skills, Derek showed how long a dick his mouth can take.

Derek first started doing live cam shows for Belami Online before he filmed scenes for the studio.

Rick Palmer has been double penetrated twice in gay porn.

The first one happened at Fresh Men last September 2018 with Jim Durden & Kirk Gauguin.

It was followed this week with Dylan Maguire & Jim Durden at Belami Online, the sister site of Fresh Men.

It was in 2017 the Phil Jarreau was introduced by Belami Online.

He first had a threesome as the bottom at Fresh Men where he was barebacked by Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta.

Last year, Belami Online released his 2 scenes as the bottom. One with Justin Sarandon and the other one with Ariel Vanean

Good news: Bart Cuban will be back at Fresh Men.
Bad news: It will be released late in the year.

The new guy at Fresh Men is Bruce Querelle.

For his first gay scene, it was released by Belami Online, the sister site of Fresh Men. It had him top Ariel Vanean.

Bruce does live cam shows on Flirt 4 Free.

Belami Online is not known for their guys having facial or body hair so Pierre Cezanne is somewhat rare since he was allowed to have a beard on the set.

But, if you prefer him clean shaven, he had a 2 part scene with Serge Cavalli on their sister site – Fresh Men.

With or without facial hair?