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FINALLY! Paddy O’Brian sucks cock

After 2 years working for MEN, Paddy O’Brian finally agreed to suck a cock on camera.



GAY4PAY sex with Gabriel Clark and Paddy O’Brian

Both porn stars have done str8 porn porn. Gabriel Clark for Open Life while Paddy O’Brian for PureXXX Films. The two gay for pays were paired in a flip fuck scene by MEN.



This should be a tradition in gay porn

A real gay porn star doing the honors in fucking the first time as a bottom for gay for pays.

If I am not mistaken, Topher had two gay porn star lovers. One was Cameron Marshall and the latest is(was?) Lance Luciano.

Topher did the honors as the first guy to fuck Paddy O’Brian on screen, which will soon be released by MEN.

paddy_obrian_bottom_to_topher_dimaggio_01 paddy_obrian_bottom_to_topher_dimaggio_02


Proof that Paddy O’brian filmed a scene as a bottom

A lot of gay porn fans have waited for this to happen. MEN shared a photo of Paddy O’brian as a bottom but the top was not shown.

paddy_obrian_bottom_02 paddy_obrian_bottom_03

No release date for this scene.


The bottom in Paul Walker aka Bruce Williams

MEN of UK released the first time as a bottom for Paul Walker. The honors went to his BFF Paddy O’Brian.


When not doing gay porn, he uses the name Bruce Williams for his str8 porn work.


[tip @ Hugh]


Paddy O’Brian with a DILDO up his ass

Since Paddy O’Brian already shoved a dildo inside his hole, I do hope it is only a matter of time that we finally see him get fucked by a real cock.


Rafael Carreras and Paddy O’Brian as STR8 porn stars

Rafael Carerras I never would have thought Rafael Carerras did str8 porn. It seems his str8 porn work happened before he returned to gay porn to work for Lucas Entertainment. The pictures were borrowed from Rafael Carerras Yahoo Group. Anybody knows the name of the movie or the porn site that owns the pictures?

Paddy O’Brian It took him a while to take the next step in gay porn when he fucked Mr Gay UK 2007 at English Lads. I thought it was a sign that he was staying longer in gay porn. But, there is a new movie of him as Liam Cockey titled Banned. Would this mean that he is done with gay porn?

[Thank you Cali-bc, Von and Richard for the tip]