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After 12 months of being introduced at Sean Cody last August 2014, Payton is back and was paired with Rusty. Unfortunate, no kissing or rimming. All Payton did was get sucked an fucked Rusty. If you are a foot lover, you are in luck.

BEEF on BEEF with Randy & Brendan

Randy with Brendan at Sean Cody.

STALK WORTHY? Zachary of Sean Cody

Zachary of Sean Cody does have the Brandon resemblance.

MODEL Dusty of Sean Cody

The latest on Dusty of Sean Cody was released yesterday where he was paired with Brodie. He does want to be a model (via Alan Rust)

ALIASES Hudson aka Saul aka Tyrell

He was first known as Hudson at Sean Cody in 2013. A year later, he was at Paragon Men as Saul. This month, he is now Tyrell at My Friend’s Feet. Last September of 2014, he was arrested for aggravated assault of a child. [info shared by John & Loa]

FRESH MEAT Sullivan of Sean Cody

It’s a YES for me for Sullivan at Sean Cody. Question now is will he be back? [$1 trial @ SC]

2000TH SCENE with Nathan and Sean

Sean Cody released today their 2000th scene that paired Nathan and Sean. Was this good enough for a 2000th scene? [info shared by Nico]