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Bobby of SC aka Jacob of CF had a different look in his audition photos

Sean Cody first released a scene of Bobby. It was followed a week later by Corbin Fisher, where he was given the name Jacob. Currently, he is employed by Corbin Fisher. Both sites did have a similar look for Bobby aka Jacob.

bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_01 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_02

He did look different, longer hair, in his audition photos for porn studios shared on Tumblr by Maverick Men.

bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_03 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_04
bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_05 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_06

[info shared by Patrick]


GALLERY Noel with Dennis (condom)

[released by Sean Cody]


Andrew of Corbin Fisher == Devin of Sean Cody

The solo of Andrew was released by Corbin Fisher last May 2013. It was followed by his str8 scene, a month later. Unfortunately, he did not have a gay scene released.

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_02 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_03

Yesterday, Sean Cody released his solo using the name Devin.

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_04 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_05

Andrew VS Devin

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_06 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_07
andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_08 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_09

[info shared by Terry & a comment sent by VegasRich on Waybig]


GALLERY Jess and Tanner (bareback)

[released by Sean Cody]


Jessie of Sean Cody wants to be a model

Jessie’s work at Sean Cody started in 2011 and his last action scene was released in 2013.

jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_02 jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_03
jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_04 jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_05

He has been a member of Model Mayhem since 2011 and he last logged in this month.

Jessie did not credit this photo in his Model Mayhem profile.

photo above from Sebastian Barone Photography


jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_08 jessie_seancody_wantstobeamodel_09

[info shared by Defiant]


Douglas of Sean Cody was a registered sex offender

The solo and action scenes of Douglas of Sean Cody were all released in 2011.

douglas_seancody_a_registered_sex_offender_01 douglas_seancody_a_registered_sex_offender_02
douglas_seancody_a_registered_sex_offender_03 douglas_seancody_a_registered_sex_offender_04

Last December 2013, Douglas was in the news at Boulder Country for assault and attempted car jacking. Three articles were written of him on different days, all about his arrest and his past conviction.


In one of the articles, it mentioned he was already a sex offender before 2011. Meaning, he was already a sex offender while working for Sean Cody.



[info shared by JSS]


GALLERY Jayson (solo)

[released by Sean Cody]

Jayson did live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free using the name Tanner Whitlock (removed).