From Chaos Men on James Dawn (5’11, 145 lbs, 8″ uncut) “He is Bi, and says he prefers to bottom when he is with a guy.

And, on Volker (6’4, 215 lbs, 7″ cut) “Volker is also Bi. Mostly into women, but he has had sex with enough guys to have a type a guy. Sounds like he is into twinks, and even though he mentioned that he tops most of the time, because he is the bigger guy, he really does enjoy bottoming too.

James Dawn did bottom for Boys Halfway House and Raunchy Bastard.

No directions needed for this Chaos Men pair-up between lovers “With most boyfriends, I let them do their own thing, though with Aidan, he pretty much knew what we needed to see, and ‘directed’ Henri in bed.

The 5’6 with a 7.5″ cock of Rio Rodriguez is the new guy this week at Chaos MenRio says he is into mixed and Latin guys, and though he is versatile, he sounded like he likes to sit on really big cocks.

It’s not often that we get to see a US based model who is uncut like in the new guy at Chaos Men named James Dawn, with an 8″ dick.

The 5’9″ Vander, with an 8.5″ cock, was the bottom to the 6’1″ twink, Espen, with an 8″ dick, at Chaos Men.



After 4 gay guys (Cristo, Owen Forte, Tenzin & Dimitri Porter) in a row with no porn experience, Chaos Men broke the streak with their latest guy, Bogart, who has a girlfriend.

No mention in his profile if Bogart will do more.

Luca Russo started gay porn in 2010 as Luca for Corbin Fisher.

He hasn’t been active in gay porn lately. Nothing in 2018. This 2019, his first scene had him bareback his real life lover, Dimitri Porter, at Chaos Men.