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William Seed is the FIRST TOP for Ashton Summers at Men

The 6 footer Ashton Summers is the latest exclusive at Men.

For his debut scene, he got to bottom for the 5’9 William Seed, one of Men‘s most popular models.

Ashton is currently in a relationship in real life with a another gay porn star – Theo Brady, who also works for Men.

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Where to do it? Inside a vehicle with Ashton Summers

Who wouldn’t want to do it with Ashton Summers? Riley Finch is one of the lucky guys who has tasted Ashton at Helix Studios.

Besides being a hottie, Ashton has other talents.

Unfortunately, he is taken.
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DOUBLE PENETRATION of Aiden Garcia, Andy Taylor & Hayden Lee in a FOURSOME

Ashton Summers remained as the top while Aiden Garcia, Andy Taylor & Hayden Lee took their turn in their triple double penetration foursome at Helix Studios.

For Aiden, it was Ashton & Andy.

For Andy, it also Ashton & Aiden.

And, for Hayden, it was Aiden & Ashton.


Ashton Summers as the BOTTOM to Johnny Hands

Ashton Summers do bottom & top but he is seldom the bottom. And, when he is the bottom, it is almost always a flip fuck. It’s not often that we get to watch Ashton as the bottom only.

Ashton is the latest update at Helix Studios where he was the bottom to Johnny Hands.

Bareback Double Penetration Lean, slim or swimmer's body Threesome

DOUBLE PENETRATION of Travis Stevens, Josh Brady & Ashton Summers

Not your ordinary threesome with a double penetration.

Not one (Travis Stevens).

Not two (Josh Brady).

But, all three (Ashton Summers) were double penetrated in the latest threesome at Helix Studios.

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FLIP FUCK with Travis Stevens & Ashton Summers

Ashton Summers started his gay porn career as a versatile performer with an uncut cock (now circumcised). Lately, he has been the top in his scenes. He is back to being versatile with his latest scene with Travis Stevens at Helix Studios.

Travis & Ashton are lovers in real life.
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INSIDE THE LIMO with Ashton Summers & Max Carter

For the 2nd scene of Ashton Summers after his return to Helix Studios after a year had him bareback Max Carter inside a limousine.