Bareback Latinos LOVES to TOP Threesome

THREESOME: Mirage, Jaws & Rocha

A threesome doesn’t happen often at Bi Latin Men where their latest had Jaws and Rocha share a top.

Latinos LOVES to TOP

TOP: Omega

Omega now has 2 scenes listed at Bi Latin Men as the top.

The first one was with Enough.

And, it will be followed with his scene with Tone.

Bareback First Experience Latinos

FIRST TIME: Asylum as the TOP

Up next at Bi Latin Men is the debut scene of Asylum where he was the top to Frente.

Bareback First Experience Fresh Meat Jocks Latinos

NEWBIE: Brutus

Brutus is the latest top at Bi Latin Men where his cock first got a foot rub.

Then, he got sucked and barebacked Stubbs.

This is a common scene at Bi Latin Men where the top never sucks cock but willing to kiss and rim.

Bareback Flip Fuck Latinos Twinks

FLIP FUCK with Mas & Joselito

Bi Latin Men is known for their tops to just kiss & rim their bottoms. But, once in awhile, they release a scene were both guys suck each other’s cock and do a flip fuck.

Feet Latinos Lean, slim or swimmer's body Porn Acrobatics

Bi Latin Men and their LOVE for FEET

This is becoming a common occurrence at Bi Latin Men where feet lovers would enjoy watching.

Feet Oral Sex

69 with your partner’s FOOT

A scene at Bi Latin Men with Tebo & Osman (I don’t know which one is Tebo or Osman) where one of them sucked a cock while his feet was eaten by his scene partner.