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LIKES TO TOP: Cage Cafig

Cage Cafig left Broke Straight Boys in 2015 because the studio wanted him to bottom more than top. But, Cage likes to top. All things are good now between the two and Cage is back at Broke Straight Boys. His latest scene is doing what he likes to do best which is to TOP his

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Gage Owens & Rowan Adams

via Broke Straight Boys


This was what Rowan Adams said in his profile at Broke Straight Boys “I like to have fun but yet I am relaxed. I prefer to just sit at home with my wife. I am confident and funny at times.” His latest scene at Broke Straight Boys had him bareback Jacob Durham.


The 5’7 Vadim Black barebacked the 5’10 Brandon Evans over at Broke Straight Boys.

MORE of Jacob Durham

This year, Jacob Durham made a comeback to gay porn with bigger & a bodybuilder body. This week, he had 2 scenes released. One bareback with Gage Owens at Broke Straight Boys. The other one is a condom foursome [gallery] with Quentin Gainz, Johnny Riley & Jack Hunter at Next Door Studios.

TATTOOED: Antonio Ferrari

The uncut Antonio Ferrari is now with Broke Straight Boys. He has 9 scenes with guys listed on the site, all of them as a top. The latest is his scene with Ronan Kennedy. Antonio has his own YouTube channel.

VERSATILE: Jared Marzdon

The latest update at Broke Straight Boys had their new guy, Jared Marzdon, as a top to Isaac Lin. For his first scene released in gay porn, he was barebacked, as Ronan, at Boys Halfway House.