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The TOP & BOTTOM in Masyn Thorne

Two scenes for Masyn Thorne this week.

Masyn first started as the top at Broke Straight Boys and he recently bottomed more than once on the site. He is back as the top where Blake Ellis was his bototm.

His second scene this week had him as the bottom in an orgy at Fraternity X‘s “Tape The Bitch”.

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Last year, Denver Dubois had scenes as the top released by Broke Straight Boys.

He is now with Chaos Men. And, his first raw scene was a FLIP FUCK with Daniel Greene.

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Masyn Thorne LOVES TO TOP

In the scenes I’ve seen of Masyn Thorne, he was always the top like in his 2nd scene for Broke Straight Boys where James Dawn was his bottom.

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Calhoun Sawyer as the TOP & BOTTOM

Two scenes for Calhoun Sawyer (6’2 with a 10″ dick) this week where he showed his verstaility.

As the top to James Dawn inside a self driving vehicle at Boy Crusher.

And, as the bottom to the 5’10 with a 7″ dick of Ethan Steele at Broke Straight Boys.

Bareback Feet Violated and Abused

A HEAD STOMP for James Dawn from Casey Owens

The 5th top for James Dawn at Broke Straight Boys was Casey Owens where the foot of Casey pressed on his face.

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Calhoun Sawyer as the BOTTOM

Calhoun Sawyer do bottom but his scene with Ryan Parks is his first for Broke Straight Boys.

Bareback Beef Jocks LOVES to TOP

The ALWAYS THE TOP Axel Kane with the VERSATILE Brandon Evans

If you missed Brandon Evans, Broke Straight Boys released an old scene of him where he was the bottom to Axel Kane.