Bareback LOVES to Bottom


The freckled Julian Waits had a scene released at College Dudes as the bottom to Danny Wilcoxx.

Julian does love to bottom as Elder Campbell at Mormon Boyz (now known as Missionary Boys).

But, he did top one of his tops at Missionary Boys.

Condom Versatile Men

Adrian Suarez as the TOP & BOTTOM

Two scenes this week for Adrian Suarez, both with condom use, that showed he was versatile in gay porn.

He was the top at College Dudes with his pair-up with Oliver Star.

And, he was the bottom [gallery] at Bad Puppy with his pair-up with Vadim Black.

[Bad Puppy @ $14.95 a month until cancelled]

Then and Now Voyeurism

LIVE CAM: Rob Ryder

Rob Ryder was in gay porn from 2012 to 2016. His first scene was released by College Dudes while his last scene was released by Men.

Rob has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free up to this day.
Condom Hairy Men LOVES to TOP

The HAIRY Mars Rousseau as the TOP

Mars Rousseau is new in gay porn. If I am not mistaken, he now has three scenes released.

Last week, his scene [gallery] with Dustin Steele was released by Bait Buddies.

It was followed this week with his scene with Jay Alexander at College Dudes.

All his scenes so far had him as the top.

BIG Dicks Condom

FAT DICK of Damian Price

Damian’s 8.5″ dick is made for gay porn.

But, his body is not for a site like College Dudes, where one expect for guys to have a jock’s body.


HAIRY & UNCUT: Adrian Joseph

The first scene released of Adrian Joseph from College Dudes had him bottom for Sebastian Aragon, who was known as Jace of Fratmen.

With and/or without facial and/or body hair

A BEARDED Damian Price

In the latest scene released on Damien Price at College Dudes, Damien had more facial hair since his first scene on the site.

He did str8 porn as James Kickstand.