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NEW GUY Petr Brusk

At William Higgins, only solos of him have been released. If you want to see him in action, he is guy #214 at Czech Hunter. [info shared by Quip]

GUY #211 is Marek Chytry

This is guy #211 at Czech Hunter. He is known as Marek Chytry at William Higgins. No hardcore scenes have been released yet. [info shared by Deran]

GUY #111 is Javier Perez

He was known as guy #111 at Czech Hunter. He is also Javier Perez at Ayor Studios.  

WITH A PORN NAME Czech Hunter #201

This guy #201 at Czech Hunter. He now has a porn name – Martin Rezac of William Higgins. [info shared by Robert & Tomas]

ALIAS Steven Fox aka Jonas Asther

He was first known in gay porn as Steven Fox [01]. Now, he is known as Jonas Asther at Belami Online. FYI He was also on Czech Hunter. [info shared by John]

SAME CLOTHES on Paul Hunter

He was given the name Paul Hunter by William Higgins. For his casting shoot, Paul wore a printed white long sleeved polo shirt under a black suit and a black denim jeans. He wore the same clothes for his shoot as Czech Hunter 188.

Tomas Ludva of William Higgins == Malek Tobias of Men At Play

The latest update at Men At Play is a scene of Malek Tobias, where he was fucked by Jalil Jafar. Malek Tobias was also Czech Hunter #81. He was also Tomas Ludva at William Higgins and its sister sister site Str8 Hell. [info shared by Peter]