THREESOME with Enrique Vera, Bastian Dufy & Orri Aasen

A threesome scene from Belami Online where Orri Aasen was barebacked by Enrique Vera and Bastian Dufy.

All three guys have other porn names since they did not start or worked exclusively at one point for Belami Online.

Orri Aasen aka Sebastian Kristiansen
Bastian Dufy aka Paul Belonek
Enrique Vera aka Andrej Lamos

The BOTTOM in Matt Thurman

Matt Thurman of Belami Online is not new to gay porn. He used the porn names Martin Hovor, Raymond Hamilton & Markus Hovor. In the scenes I’ve seen him in, he was the top. But, I am not sure if his Belami Online scene with Enrique Vera was his first time as a bottom.