Always the top for Cade Maddox since 2017 and two more guys were added to his list of bottoms.

Boomer Banks at Guys In Sweatpants.

And, Tigger Redd [gallery] at Noir Male.

Two scenes at Guys In Sweatpants that included Miller Axton and Ash Hendricks.

The first one was a threesome that included Griffin Barrows where all three were barebacked.

For the 2nd pair-up of Miller & Ash, it was only the two of them where Miller was the bottom.

The hole of Jamie Steel was shared at the same time by Anthony & Miller Axton over at Guys In Sweatpants.

Jamie did porn as Feliz at Latin Boyz.

Theo Brady works for Guys In Sweatpants.

He was the bottom in his first 2 scenes.

In his third scene, someone finally experienced his 8 inch dick inside their hole.

The newbie in gay porn, Theo Brady (5’7″ with an 8″cock), is an exclusive of Guys In Sweatpants. He was barebacked by Trevor Laster for his first scene.

From Theo via Guys In Sweat PantsI’ve never really been afraid to be in front of the camera and I also love sex so it’s a perfect fit. I grew up wrestling and doing MMA so staying in shape plays a huge role in my life. My favorite hobby is hiking. I’m a very adventurous person who’s not really scared of anything, but besides that I’m a really chill laid back guy who loves weed and will talk to anyone. I was born in Missouri and am still currently there but plan on moving to the east coast in the future. I enjoy getting fucked just as much as fucking someone so if I vibe with you, step in front of the line. I’m new to this but I’ll get better and better as time goes on.

Theo joined Twitter a few days ago.

If you are a fan of Brandon Evans, there is always 1 scene of him released every month this 2018. All of it were bareback. He is either a top, a bottom or both. He is both in his latest scene at Guys In Sweatpants.

Don’t you just love Brandon Evans for his versatility?

Guys In Sweatpants paired two guys who never topped in gay porn – the 5’3 Ty Mitchell & the 5’9 Lucas Leon. It was the bigger guy who got barebacked.