James Dawn loves gay porn

James do love his sex work. And, no amount of criticism will change the way he feels about it.

The latest on James is his solo at Broke Straight Boys.

So far, majority of his gay scenes were released by Chaos Men & Raunchy Bastards where he is mostly the bottom.

And, James shared his str8 sex videos via Peep Show.

The 6’3 Kyle Connors loves to SUCK COCK

According to Chaos Men, Kyle loves to bottom & suck cock.

Wish granted!

So, Kyle’s service video at Chaos Men had him suck the 8″ uncut cock of James Dawn while a butt plug vibrated inside his hole.

The ending had Kyle taste the cum of James.

FYI: Kyle did not remove his insulin patch in this scene.


From Chaos Men on James Dawn (5’11, 145 lbs, 8″ uncut) “He is Bi, and says he prefers to bottom when he is with a guy.

And, on Volker (6’4, 215 lbs, 7″ cut) “Volker is also Bi. Mostly into women, but he has had sex with enough guys to have a type a guy. Sounds like he is into twinks, and even though he mentioned that he tops most of the time, because he is the bigger guy, he really does enjoy bottoming too.

James Dawn did bottom for Boys Halfway House and Raunchy Bastard.