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Mirek Madl has been fucked more than once by men at William Higgins & Str8 Hell. In his latest scene at Str8 Hell, he was fucked by a woman, who wore a strap on dildo.

More as a BOTTOM for Nikol Monak

Nikol Monak recently bottomed for the first time via William Higgins. It was followed by another scene of him as a bottom, this time for Tomas Fuk via their sister site, Str8 Hell.

FIRST TIME for Peter Lipnik

Peter Lipnik was the new guy at William Higgins two months ago. In his first duo scene at William Higgins, his hole was fingered and was shoved with a dildo. But, it was at Str8 Hell that he got fucked by a real cock for the first time.

TIED: Romi Zuska & Martin Polnak

Nikol Monak subdued & tied Romi Zuska and Martin Polnak at Str8 Hell. He had the two have sex with one another. And, freed one of their hands to jack off. Then, it was Nikol’s turn to jack off. And, he left them tied.

UNIFORM: Martin Gajda

From Str8 Hell “Martin seems to think that Peter is a terrorist and is concerned to show him how he deals with them.”

UNIFORM: Bradley Cook with Tomas Decastro

The 5’11” airport security guard, Bradley Cook, fucked the 6’1″ fireman, Tomas Decastro, for Str8 Hell.

UNIFORM: Alex Stan with Roco Rita

I wish Str8 Hell had Alex Stan were the uniform from start to finish.