The debut scene of Eli at Guys In Sweatpants had him bareback Marcus Young.

Eli is currently leading in the weekly poll as your favorite model.

Milos Dena (18 yrs. old, 6’4″ with 7″ uncut cock) from William Higgins.

He is also known as Dean Deville at East Boys.

[h/t to Philby]

Peep Show is the sister site of Chaos Men where “models share their personal videos for profit”.

And, Carter Ford recently shared 3 videos of him with 3 daddies.

Daddy #1: Tony

Daddy #2: Shawn Gage

Daddy #3: Dave Austin

Gio Salinas is the latest addition at Belami OnlineI’m not sure that we have ever had a casting boy as full of self-confidence as today’s boy, Gio Salinas. Admittedly the self-confidence is well deserved, as Gio is a very handsome lad, has a great body and really nice, thick dick. Gio is still at university studying engineering, but it seems that he must spent most of his time fucking his way around campus and i’m sure leaving a river of broken hearts in his wake.

Michal Renok first had a foursome via a wank party at William Higgins where he was the top & bottom.

It was followed this week at William Higgins where he was the bottom to Hugo Antonin.