The first of the two scenes of Zac DeHaan as the BOTTOM

Zac DeHaan has been a top at Belami Online since his first scene was released in 2014. It was in 2017 that Belami Online shared behind the scene photos of Zac as the bottom to Christian Lundgren.

That scene has not been released by Belami Online. Instead, they first released his scene as the bottom to Hoyt Kogan.

Will there be more than 2 scenes of Zac as the bottom at Belami Online?

NOT A TWINK for the latest BOTTOM for Johnny Hands

Helix Studios is known for their twinks. Normally, it has 1 or both guys paired in a scene. But, there were a few times were they paired guys who were not twinks. But, Johnny do have a lean body that could pass (?) as a twink.

This is the 12th time Johnny was the top where 1 of his scene was a flip fuck.