Bareback Jocks LOVES to TOP

Colton Reece LOVES TO TOP

It’s the top only position for Colton Reece since he started in 2019.

His latest bottom was Adrian Hart at Falcon Studios [gallery].

Colton was suppose to film with guys from Belami Online for Falcon Studios but the production was halted with the US lockdown due to Covid-19.
Bareback Porn Acrobatics Where to do it?

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Michael Boston & Jax Thirio

You need a staircase for this position where Jax Thirio was the top to Michael Boston [gallery] at Falcon Studios.

Bareback Jocks LOVES to TOP

Nic Sahara as the latest BOTTOM for Cade Maddox

The number of bottoms in gay porn for Cade Maddox will reach 100 by the end of the year. And, his latest was at Falcon Studios with Nich Sahara as his bottom [gallery].

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A 6’3 TOP for the 5’10 Austin Avery

Ryan Rose returned to gay porn last year. So far, he had 1 scene as the bottom and the rest had him as the top where Austin Avery was his latest bottom at Falcon Studios [gallery].


Bareback Jocks LOVES to Bottom

Back as the BAREBACK BOTTOM for Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose as Pierce with his scene as the bottom to Brandon was the first bareback scene released by Sean Cody back in 2011.

At Sean Cody, Ryan aka Pierce was mostly the bareback bottom in his 14 scenes released from 2011 to 2012.

When he left Sean Cody, he did scenes with condom use. It was only this year that he again agreed to film bareback scenes where his latest at Falcon Studios had him as the bottom [gallery] to Cade Maddox, who is always the top in his scenes.

Bareback Jocks LOVES to TOP Where to do it?

Where to bareback: Ladder

The always the top, Arad Winwin, with Sky Knox as his latest bottom for Falcon Studios [gallery].

Lean, slim or swimmer's body LOVES to TOP

Brian Adams LOVES TO TOP

Brian Adams first worked in gay porn in 2016 and he returned last July. All his scene had him as the top including his latest 2 scenes.

Brother Crush had him top Theo Brady.

While, Falcon Studios had him top Devin Franco.

His the first guy I’ve seen with a vitiligo on his dick.