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The latest on Kris Evans at Belami Online

Thank you Belami Online for releasing another scene of Kris Evans. In his latest scene, he was paired with Tom Pollock. For me, I prefer Kris in a duo so I can concentrate on him. Too many guys lessens his camera time.

Mara Kratky of William Higgins aka Scott Bennet of Belami Online

Mara Kratky worked for William Higgins last year where he had one action scene released – Wank Party 2 [gallery]. He is now using the name Scott Bennet for his scenes at Belami Online. He is also an exclusive for their Kinky Angels porn site.

Just watched Paul Mekas swallow cum

The scene was a threesome with Paul Mekas, Roger Lambert and one of my favorites at Belami Online – Jack Harrer. It happened a few seconds before the scene ended. Paul ate the second cumshot of Jack.

Sharing Brady Jensen inside a car

Belami Online should have done this with all their American male porn stars they recently hired. This is the best welcome for a porn star. I vote Belami for best host 🙂  

HOLE of Mick Lovell

Mick Lovell is currently one of the most in demand porn star at Belami Online. He is an American hired to work in Prague. Hopefully, he will work for American based porn companies, once his contract expires.

Billy Cotton teaching us another way to RIM Dario Dolce’s HOLE

A sexual position to consider the next time you have sex with a lover, friend, or a stranger, courtesy of Billy Cotton and Dario Dolce for Belami Online.

A new way to suck and get rimmed

If you have been in a monogamous relationship with a guy for a long time, it is advised to spice up your sex life. A way to spice it up is by doing something you haven’t done before like a new sexual position. Belami Online made Julien Hussey suck Alex Waters while he was getting