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Vasek Konik of William Higgins is now Brian Jovovich of Belami Online

Vasek Konik’s first scene was released by William Higgins last March 2013 and his most recent scene was released last month. No word yet if there are still more scenes of him to be released. This month, Brian Jovovich is one of the new models at Belami Online.

Kris Evans was fucked by Ryhs Jagger

It is not often that we see Kris Evans as a bottom. It seems that Kris will bottom again when the trailer of An American In Prague was released by Belami Online. It had this screen capture. The name of the top is Ryhs Jagger. He was recently introduced by Belami Online. We will just

Is Lukas Ridgeston still hot or not?

Lukas Ridgeston will be back in action this 2013. Belami Online gave us a glimpse of Lukas while he was shooting a scene of Mick Lovell. Still hot or not?

Team Chance or Team Mick?

Belami Online just made a version 2.0 of An American In Prague. In 1997, Belami Online released the first version of An American in Prague where it starred Chance. This year, An American in Prague gets 2.0, where it starred Mick Lovell. Team Chance or Team Mick Lovell?

Mick Lovell is back at Flirt 4 Free

It was announced by Mick Lovell last year that he was planning of becoming a commercial model therefore his gay porn career was put into a halt even if he hasn’t finished his contract with Belami Online. It seems his modelling career did not pan out. This year, Mick Lovell has been doing live cam

Alf Luganis was renamed by Belami Online to Gino Mosca

Normally, when one works for another porn site in Eastern Europe, he is usually renamed. They do this to associate the porn star’s name with the brand. It’s rare that a porn site changes the name of their porn star. Not in the case of Alf Luganis (aka Karel Ceman). He was already introduced last

Andrej Karenin of Belami Online = Pedro Luna of Hammer Boys

It was announced by Belami Online last week that Andrej Karenin was now one of their exclusive models. His scenes will be released this coming summer. If you can’t wait, he already did action with other guys using the name Pedro Luna at Hammer Boys. [tip @ Marko]