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HOLE of Adam Archuleta

  • December 25, 2012
  • Hole

Adam Archuleta is seldom a bottom. For bottoms at Belami Online, they usually practice first with a dildo inside their hole to loosen it up before the actual shoot. But, this was a solo shoot so there was no need for Adam to loosen up his hole. So, how come his hole is this big?

Always a top for Jim Kerouac

I have never seen a scene of Jim Kerouac as a bottom. He was always a top at Belami Online.. Jim Kerouac was paired in a bareback scene with Vadim Farrell, who is seldom a bottom. His latest was a bareback scene with Vadim Farrell, who is seldom a bottom.

Are Roger and Dolph Lambert really cousins?

When Robert Lambert was introduced by Belami Online last November 2010, it mentioned that he was the cousin of Dolph Lambert “A lot of you have been asking for us to introduce you to Dolph Lambert‘s cousin, so today we are happy to comply.“.  After months of waiting since it was announced, their first scene

Second pair-up of Jack Blue and Ariel Vanean at Belami Online

In their first pair-up at Belami Online last 2010, Jack Blue, who wore a condom, fucked Ariel Vanean. This month, Belami Online released another scene that paired the same porn star. This time, their roles were reversed. It was Ariel who topped Jack this time and added a twist, it was bareback.

Billy Cotton in a THREESOME

Billy Cotton may not be one of the most attractive guys at Belami Online. But, there is something in him that I find so sexy. He is actually one of my favorites. In case you don’t know, he did get married to a woman last year. Since he is still working at Belami Online, I

17th American at Belami Online with Adam Archuleta

Chase Austin was introduced by Belami Online last month as their latest American porn star working for them. This month, his scene with Adam Archuleta was released where Chase was the bottom. I was hoping he would top with the cock of his. Unfortunately, he has only topped once.

Chase Austin is the 17th American working for Belami Online

Before Chase Austin left for Prague to work for Belami Online, he did six scenes as a bottom and one as a top. Chase Austin will be the 17th American to work for Belami Online. Chance (1997) Adam Dexter (2006) Dawson of Corbin Fisher (2009) Connor of Corbin Fisher (2009) Elijah of Corbin Fisher (2009)