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Jorgensen of Military Classified == Aiden Miller

He first work as Jorgensen at Military Classified, where he had two scenes released. He is now known as Aiden Miller at Gay Hoopla. [info shared by Matt]

Ajay Laws of Gay Hoopla == Jordan Roberts of Next Door Male/Buddies

Officially, he is with Gay Hoopla since he is still doing live cam shows for them as Ajay Laws. However, his solo as Jordan Roberts for Next Door Male/Buddies will be released this coming Monday. The gap between his teeth was not present at his Next Door shoot. [info shared by David]

Tanner of Corbin Fisher was faked fucked as Phillip Anadarko at Gay Hoopla

Tanner is now known as Phillip Anadarko at Gay Hoopla where his scene with Dmitry Dickov was released two days ago. There was a few seconds in the scene where you can see that Tanner was faked fucked by Dmitry. It was the time Phillip was about to shoot his load. [info shared by Genesis157]

Tanner of Corbin Fisher == Phillip of Gay Hoopla

Before he became Tanner of Corbin Fisher, he was Marco of Fratmen. Tanner’s last scene at Corbin Fisher was released last November 2013. He is now known as Phillip at Gay Hoopla, where his first scene will be released this coming Monday. [info shared by Joshua]

GALLERY JJ Swift, Dmitry Dickov & Cole Money (condom)

[released by Gay Hoopla]

GALLERY Zach Rode (solo)

[released by Gay Hoopla]

GALLERY Michael Evans with Cole Money (condom)

[courtesy of Gay Hoopla]